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Effect of loss of soil structure on rainfall infiltration

Bootstrap Environmental Services is servicing fellow soil practitioners (research through to the paddock at farm scale), industry in a technical capacity in research and investigations with soil sampling and ancillary services. Previous clients and projects have facilitated research and monitoring of soil carbon, through to soil biology, soil chemistry and physical properties.

Current engagement is across the Carbon Sector and supporting Projects delivered under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) through the Clean Energy Regulator.  Primary service delivery includes sampling for soil carbon under the Land Sector - Emissions Reduction Fund; working with carbon sector companies and stakeholders in applying methodologies and adhering to regulatory requirements.  A number of clients have benefited from the highly professional, proficient and independent role that Bootstrap Environmental Services has played in their Projects.  With a background in soil carbon and soil science in a technical capacity, coupled with applied knowledge of soil carbon methodologies and preceding methodologies to the ERF Land Sector, added to by years of extensive field experience in applying methodologies - clients can be assured of the highest caliber of service that is reputed in the industry.

Historically the business worked with a local Catchment Management Authority on a labile carbon test and on a number of federally funded Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, Carbon Farming Futures Projects sampling soils in a number of States. Other Projects have included work under the government CFI (Carbon Farming Initiative) umbrella, undertaking sampling and monitoring for various Projects.  Clients include State government, Landcare, University, farmer groups and private industry, including support to other soil scientists. I have also provided ancillary services to businesses reporting to State government: database management and design, OH&S systems and logistics, and report writing to give some examples.

Prior to operating as Bootstrap Environmental Services I had experience working in technical roles in State government on part of a state wide (NSW) natural resources monitoring, evaluation and reporting program, on the precursor project to the subsequent development of a soil carbon benchmark matrix for central west NSW, and hydrogeological landscapes projects throughout a number of NSW catchments and local government areas encompassing frameworks for managing salinity and water sources.



Soil Carbon testing for the SERCS (Shrubs for Emissions Reduction and Carbon Storage) project under the Carbon Farming Initiative. This soil testing was conducted by Bootstrap Environmental Services on Bruce and Roz Maynard's property, Willydah, Narromine.  A special thank you to Bruce Maynard for this video and other great resources on stress free stockmanship on the YouTube Channel 'regenerativefarming'



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