Bootstrap Environmental Services seeks to support your innovation
through provision of independent technical expertise and soil sampling to the needs of your project.

Bootstrap Environmental Services seeks to improve natural environments and human communities with the understanding that the two are interconnected and underpinned by soil health, that is biologically driven.  Providing independent, professional ecological and environmental services to fellow professionals, private & public clients including universities & government.

Specialising in ERF and soil projects and technical services throughout Victoria and beyond.


Scientific and Technical Soil Services:

Certified soil technician

Hydraulic soil coring and soil sampling plant equipment

ERF - Emissions Reduction Fund - soil sampling to methodologies, record keeping & data management, chain of custody, OH&S compliance

Soil testing, monitoring, evaluation, solutions, sampling for trials & research

Project planning, design, protocol, methodology & implementation

Post-project consultation & services

Site and soil characterisation, classification & soil quality indicators in a technical capacity

Rapid or full depth soil assessment using modern geo-referencing techniques

Report writing, interpretation, contribution to state-wide databases such as NSW Soil And Land Information System (SALIS)

Database management

Soil testing to Australian Standards (e.g. EC, ECe, TDS, pH, bulk density & aggregate stability)

Biological soil testing including DNA

Visual soil health assessments (VSA)

Soil health assessment planning, monitoring and extension

Report writing

Technical assistance to professionals

Biological, physical and chemical soil testing via despatch to independent certified soil laboratories

Dedicated to continued extension of knowledge, latest techniques & practices

Actively promoting development of professional & practitioner networks

Organisation of workshops, field days, farm tours

Social and traditional media and editorial


Soil Services | Hydraulic Soil Coring


N2O nitrous oxide sampling bootstrap environmental soil services

Soil Services | Nitrous Oxide Monitoring

Exetainers to stroe air samples for nitrous oxide monitoring | Bootstrap Environmental Services

rainfall simulator lachlan cma

Soil Services | Rainfall Simulation | Nitrous Oxide Monitoring | Exetainers Storing Air Samples
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Working with:

Carbon Sector | Farmer groups | Government | Industry | on Incentive projects | Non-government organisations | Local council | Landholders | Universities & Fellow Professionals & Practitioners


Biological DNA Soil Sampling Using DNA Technology | Bootstrap Environmental Services Hydraulic Soil Core Being Driven Into The Ground | Bootstrap Environmental Services

Soil Services | Biological DNA Soil Sampling Hydraulic Soil Core Being Driven Into The Ground
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Current Major Projects:

Carbon Sector - Service Provision to Facilitators and ERF Projects

Database Management, Reporting and OHS Compliance for Catchment Program Reporting to Victorian Governement


Previous Bootstrap Environmental Services Projects and Clients:

Corporate Carbon

DAFF - Action on the Ground - Carbon Farming Futures - Various Monitoring Projects

Various Carbon Sector Companies under the ERF

Monash University (Melbourne)

Mingenew Irwin Group (WA)

Riverina Local Land Services - Harden Murrumburrah Landcare (NSW)

Sustainable Soils Management (NSW)

Applied Horticultural Research (Sydney)

Lachlan CMA Catchment Health & Soil Monitoring (CHASM) Project

DAFF - Action on the Ground - Carbon Farming Futures - Various Monitoring Projects

Collaborations and Technical Assistance to Fellow Soil Scientists & Industry Professionals on Projects & Investigations

Previous Professional Experience in a Technical Capacity:

NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water (DECCW) Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting (Soils) Project

NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water (DECCW), Soil Carbon Benchmark Matrix for CW CMA - Phase 1: A First Approximation

NSW Office Of Environment & Heritage (OEH), Hydrogeological Landscapes (HGL) in various Catchments and LGA's

Your Project:

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